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20 Jan 2017
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Leisure Leagues Backs Charity Game This Weekend

Leisure Leagues is delighted to announce that we are sponsoring a charity game at Tamworth FC this weekend.

The match takes place at The Lamb on S…

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Dead And Bury'd?

When Theresa May became Prime Minister in the summer, one of the first things she set out as a key policy was an end to the ban on new grammar schools…

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Graham Taylor during the StreetGames Football Pools Fives event at St George's Park, Burton

Graham Taylor 1944-2017

Everyone at Leisure Leagues was shocked a little while ago when we learnt of the passing of former England Manager Graham Taylor.

The legendary bos…

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Fitness 4

6 a side Football: The Healthiest Sport There Is

“New Year, New Me”. The subject of millions of Internet Memes at this time of year, but if that expensive gym membership you took out on January 1st i…

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Leisure Leagues Franchise In Spotlight: Number One - Andrew Davies

You already know that Leisure Leagues is the benchmark provider of 5 and 6 a side football, but did you know that you can share in our success and bri…

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Time To End Tax Payer Funded Crooked Journalism

Probably like the tens of thousands of people that play in Leisure Leagues competitions both in the UK and internationally every week, we all view the…

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Fitness And Proper?

While we’ve all been off over Christmas, eating too much, drinking too much and spending time with our families, there has been a more or less const…

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The Grubby Pursuit Of Cash Finally Does Some Good For The Game

Back in the summer the Chairman of the premier League, Richard Scudamore admitted that talks regarding a winter break in football were “ongoing”.

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Time To Get Real About Diving?

“Apologies from my end it was never a penalty, but genuinely thought defender was going to slide, so tried to ride the tackle”.

That was the tw…

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Great Ambassadors For The Game?

Yesterday to the general surprise of no one in particular (let’s be honest, when you only interview one candidate for the job, there’s not a lot o…

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