About Us

About Us

Ever felt like playing football outdoors leaves you cold, wet, and totally dissatisfied? Well we have a solution for this! 5aside.co.uk!

Never again will you have to wait around for match officials to chase after balls that have been smashed into the weeds, nor will you have to endure the elements during the winter months. All our pitches are premier indoor facilities so you will never lose a second of football again.

Whether you want to play with a competitive edge, or just fancy a social kick about  with your friends, we make sure that we have standards that will suit all.

With the best discipline structure in the industry we make sure all our players and officials are treated in the correct manner, allowing maximum enjoyment for all involved.

As well as the football side of things we have the most up-to-date and revolutionary website on the market. This allows players to update player cards, use our online transfer market to find players locally, fully integrated with social media to allow players to share their triumphs with friends, functionality to pay for games online, and much, much more.

Why are you waiting?! Join Now!