All Our Leagues Are Fully Protected Through Our Comprehensive Insurance Cover

The insurance policy we have in place at is to reflect our high standards we have throughout the business. 

The cover we have with Aviva is in place to make sure that every player and venue is befitting from our high value, comprehensive policy.

The policy is up to £10,000,000 in the event of injury occurring which is the result of negligence. Please be aware that all facility defects which result in injury will be covered by the facilities own insurance policy, and it is advised that seek advice from them if you are unsure about any aspect of a facility we run at.

If you are unfortunate, and get injured at one of our leagues then you are covered comprehensively for personal injury, as well as damage or loss to your personal property whilst at the league, should we be at fault. Please be aware though that that any fault needs to be proved beyond any reasonable doubt and cover provided by the relevant facility may be applicable. As a player you should be aware that you participate in the league at your own risk and we do not cover any injuries that occur through normal playing conditions that are not our fault. Please write to us if you wish to get full terms and conditions of our policy.