Trophies And Awards

Trophies And Awards

Every Tuesday at 7pm, we will be bringing our unique Leisure Leagues Live to the world. And as a,uk pllayer, you will be part of the fun.

Live from Leisure Leagues HQ, it brings all the fun of a live tv show along with YOUR moments of the week and the Leisure Leagues Prize Draw. 

Every team that wins a division, finishes runner up and every player that wins a Most Valuable Player award will now have the opportunity to win amazing prizes! 

We will be doing a draw live on Facebook every week, which will give all teams and players an opportunity to bag the best awards on offer in small sided football, ranging from £500 in Nike Vouchers or 400 cans of Carling to the star prize of a £12000 holiday to Germany for six! 

At the end of each season your league manager will contact all the winners and runners up and notify you which prize draw you will be entered in to, all you have to do then is tune in on the Leisure Leagues International Facebook page and check if you are one of that weeks lucky winners. 

Here's a look at some of our previous winners.