5 A Side FAQ's

General Questions

It Says We Are Playing A Points Match, What Does This Mean?
A Points Match will appear if on a rare occasion we have a space within that league. Don’t worry though because when you are scheduled to play a Points Match you will have a fixture arranged. You turn up and pay your normal match fee and play the game as normal, but you will gain an automatic 5-0.
What About Holidays?
If you have a substantial amount of players away to constitute cancelling your fixture then to avoid getting charged you will need to give a minimum of 7 days’ notice. Obviously the more notice you give the better as we will have to arrange a fixture for your opponents in your absence.
If I Need To How Do I Make A Complaint?
Complaints at 5aside.co.uk are taken very seriously. In order to make a complaint, you can write a letter to Chief Executive Officer to the address that is on the contact page and you will receive a response within seven days.
I Called And Haven't Heard Back.....
Our offices are open 9-7pm Monday – Thursday, Fridays 9-5pm, and Sundays 12-6pm. We aim to answer all emails within 24 hours, and all calls will be answered during office hours. If on the very rare occasion that you can’t get through call “number” and ask for Senior Management to resolve this.
What If We Haven't Got The Full Match Fee?
Unfortunately, we operate on a zero tolerance policy to short payments, if you fail to pay the full amount then you will be unable to play.
What Happens If We Don't Get A Game?
If in the very rare event that you don’t get a game you will receive a call from the league manager explaining the situation along with an apology.

League Questions

Do 5aside.co.uk affiliate?
Yes we affiliate to the UKMA who are the official small sided football representatives.
How long does a season last?
Depending on the league size a season will be based on p[laying all opponents twice i.e.an 8 team league will last 14 weeks.
If there's multiple divisions what happens?
On leagues where there are multiple divisions there will be promotion and relegation.
How many players can we have on the night
You can have a squad of eight players but only five on the field of play at any one time.
Do I have to register every player?
No. We use a flexi squad system whereby you can use a different set of players each week if you wish.
Can I have specific kick off times?
We like to be fair to every team in the league but you can give us your preference on kick offs for the new season and we will do our best to accommodate.
What happens if my opponents don’t show up?
No need to worry you will always get a game arranged for you.
What’s the cost?
Depending on what league you join there could be a small joining fee or it may be free. There is a match fee to be paid each week. This is displayed on the league page
What happens if a team leaves the league?
In the unlikely event of this happening then we will replace them with a new team that we have waiting to join the leagues.
What Happens If We Can't Make A Game?
If you can’t make your game and you haven’t given us 7 days’ notice you will unfortunately be charged the full match fee and lose the game 5-0.
Do I need to wear shin pads?
We do advise that you wear them but it is entirely your decision.
What happens if my team wants to leave the league?
To leave the league you need to give us two weeks’ notice in order to not be charged.
Do we need to bring a ball?
No. We supply all equipment for the league.
Who referees?
We have fully qualified staff at each and every league we run.
Do we have to wear a kit?
Ideally a kit would be preferable but as long as you have the same colour tops on that will be fine.